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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was wondering what is needed to get a franchise started. I love your food and I think if put in the right location your franchise would do very well.


A: Please see our Franchising page for more details about starting your own La Bamba restaurant location.


Q: Can you put a La Bamba in my neighborhood?


A: We receive this question a lot. While our dream would be to have a La Bamba in every neighborhood, we all know that is just not possible. Emails from customers do give us ideas for new locations, the more emails, the more attention that area will get.


Q: Why can’t you bottle your hot sauce or salsa?


A: We have done a little preliminary investigation into bottling our different sauces. One of the potential problems is, once the recipe is sent to the chemist it is altered for stable shelf-life and safety. While this is a good thing, we are not sure we are willing to give up the freshness for the convenience.


Q: Where can I get a La Bamba T-Shirt?


A: You can order a La Bamba T-Shirt or Hat from any La Bamba Restaurant or call the corporate office with a credit card and we will get one right out to you.


Q: Can I have your Horchata, bean, marinade recipes?


A: All of La Bamba recipes are well kept trade secrets. We do not give away or sell our recipes.


Q: What brand tortillas do you use?


A: Our tortillas are specially made exclusively for La Bamba. You cannot buy them off any grocery store shelf.


Q: Are your beans truly vegetarian?


A: Depending on how serious of a vegetarian you are, we cannot guarantee no livestock has crossed a pinto bean field where our pinto beans are grown. We can, however, assure you, once the dried beans are delivered to our store, they are soaked and cook to perfection using only salt and water. There are no oils, fats, or lard added to our beans.


Q: I like your food but all your employees speak Spanish.


A: While our “hiring” door is open to all qualified persons, we truly are an Authentic Mexican Restaurant and we hire Authentic Mexican Chefs. We do encourage our employees to improve their English so they can communicate with our customers. We make every attempt to have at least one employee fluent in English on duty at all times.


Q: Why don’t you have your nutrition facts posted on your web page?


A: It would be very hard to give an accurate calorie/fat count on any of our foods as each item is made to order by human hands. There-by making each and every like item different, some ask for a little more of this, or a little less of that. If we were to put a nutrition fact sheet up it would be very inaccurate. With this said, rest assured, La Bamba food is a “what you see is what you get”. We add no fats, lards or oils to anything. We flavor with authentic Mexican spices. If by chance there is an allergy concern, please do get in contact with the corporate office and we will try to assist you.


Q: Is it true you have no freezers in your restaurants?


A: YES it is true…NO FREEZERS, NO FRYERS, Just fresh, authentic, Mexican Food made daily, put together while you, the customer, watch.


Q: Why are you no longer shipping burritos?


A: Unfortunately after 9/11 the costs and shipping requirements have changed and it is very difficult to ship anything with dry ice.

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